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October’s must see movies from long delayed blockbusters to gorgeous

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Peak movie season kicks into gear this October, with long-delayed blockbusters finally hitting the big screen and the ramp-up to awards season in full...

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Peak movie season kicks into gear this October, with long-delayed blockbusters finally hitting the big screen and the ramp-up to awards season in full swing. If you’re headed to the theater — and even if you aren’t — there’s plenty to choose from. From giallo-inspired horror to epic science fiction blockbusters, sensitive dramas to long-awaited sequels, the month is loaded with new movies to take in. There’s a Sopranos prequel, a new Wes Anderson movie, and a documentary about a daring rescue. And as films from the year’s festivals start to come out, some of today’s most promising emerging auteurs are returning to the cinema. Here are October’s 14 buzziest new films to see in the theater and at home. Release date: October 1As a film, this prequel to HBO’s The Sopranos leaves a lot to be desired; it’s unwieldy and marred by a number of performances that feel more like impressions of the series’ characters than actual acting. But that’s unlikely to matter to real Sopranos fans (a group that’s grown precipitously over the past year). Series creator David Chase wrote the story, which centers on Dickie Moltisanti (an excellent Alessandro Nivola), who will one day be the father of Christopher. The film follows Dickie as he navigates the twisty connections of his many relatives and mentors his nephew, young Tony Soprano, who’s played by Michael Gandolfini, son of James Gandolfini. Leslie Odom Jr., Corey Stoll, and Vera Farmiga also give standout performances. Despite its flaws, the movie will undoubtedly hit the spot for those yearning for more Sopranos. How to watch it: The Many Saints of Newark will open in theaters and stream on HBO Max. Release date: October 1This year’s winner of the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival is the explosive, bizarre, weirdly cathartic Titane, from Julia Ducournau (director of Raw). A young girl is in a car accident and, as a result of the injuries she sustains, has a titanium plate inserted into her head. That plate, coupled with the trauma of the accident, leaves her troubled and erratic well into adulthood; among other things, she both develops a deeply erotic attachment to cars and becomes a serial killer. Starring Agathe Rousselle and Vincent Lindon, the film is body horror, with plenty of inexplicable and shocking elements, and midway through it takes a sharp left turn into something equally strange. How to watch it: Titane will open in theaters. Release date: October 1The 2018 movie about the alien symbiote named Venom was a campy blast, starring Tom Hardy as a down-on-his-luck journalist named Eddie Brock who becomes inhabited by Venom. Brock and Venom are back in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, along with Woody Harrelson (and his own symbiote) as the serial killer whom Brock has sort of befriended. Directed by Andy Serkis, this installment is far less satisfying than the original; whereas Venom felt like accidental genius, the sequel is trying too hard.

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